Online Maxi Shopping

One of my favorite parts of living in California is that it’s an endless summer and it means I pretty much live in maxi dresses. You can wear them for any occasion, dress it up or down, and wear it year round, but where are the best places to shop? After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than coming home, having a glass of wine, and doing some online shopping.  With many stores now being online only the choices of where to go can be endless. Below are a few of my favorite places that always have the best dress selections.

Everything You Need

Revolve is my go-to online site that has the best selection of dresses and is always my first stop when I need something specific, or when I’m in need of some inspiration for an event. This summer’s maxis, rompers, swimsuits never disappointed when they arrived, and they made shopping even easier with #RevolveAroundTheWorld. Plug in the hashtag on Instagram and you could view your favorite bloggers traveling the world in their clothes, see how they wore them, and how they looked before ordering.

Beach Babe

Beach wear is a must from Sabo Skirt. The Australian brand makes days on the sand look effortless and affordable. I’m in love with the prints they always seem to come out with, and how everything can be worn year round.

Maxi Girl

My dress obsession lately has been the Naked Wardrobe. After seeing one of my favorite bloggers wear their maxi dress, I’ve been hooked. Their dresses fit true to size, the fabric is so easy with traveling, and I’m comfortable wearing them all day long.

On a Budget

I’m always one for a good deal and staying on a budget, but sometimes when I walk into Forever 21 it can be so overwhelming. With such big stores and such a wide variety, one can never seem to just run in and out. The online store has everything categorized perfectly, items that may not be in the Forever 21 near you, as well as always having a promo code for percentages off your orders.


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