I’m in love with the Coco

coconutGrowing up, I was never a big fan of the coconut and I certainly never wanted it in my food. When it became the new “Superfood” years ago after Madonna said it was her secret to “looking young forever,” and coconut water was all the rage, I just could not get on board with it. However, after reading about all of the health benefits and recovery that the coconut offers your body, the more I wanted to find additional ways to use it. I slowly started to incorporate it in smoothies in lieu of ice cubes, or in my morning juices so that I couldn’t taste it. A trip to Trader Joe’s one day changed my life when I saw coconut oil in a jar, and quickly learned that I didn’t have to eat it in its raw form to get all of the amazing benefits. I became such a fan of coconut oil that I have put it to use outside of the kitchen now more than in my food.

Hop on the coco-bandwagon with me with some of my favorite ways to incorporate the Superfood into your Lifestyle and Diet:

Skin Lotion: My all-time favorite way to use coconut oil! I have combination and very sensitive skin, buying lotions is always a gamble between the different scents and ingredients, but with coconut oil it’s nice to have an all-natural oil that doesn’t irritate, itch, or feel heavy. It absorbs so quickly into the skin, packing you with all the natural oils and antibiotics as well as making my skin feel so incredibly soft and silky. I use it in the shower mixed with sugar as a natural exfoliate and it not only works like many expensive ones, the sugar mixed with the oil will never over dry or irritates the skin, not to mention you always smell like a Hawaiian getaway. Coconut oil has been reported to not only help reduce the skins of wrinkles (the natural oils help rehydrate the skin) but it can bring back the elasticity to your skin as well. Win-Win!
Eye Makeup Remover: Like many of the removers in the stores that are sensitive oils we use to remove, coconut oil takes everything off, and will never irritate your eyes. Waterproof, hours of eye shadow, and primers don’t even stand a chance.

Conditioner: If you have dandruff or dry hair, you can apply coconut oil straight to the scalp two to three times a week, and in no time your scalp with be replenished and dandruff gone. If you’re like me and have thick, coarse hair, coconut oil gives my curls their bounce back. It does make your hair look oily, so just use a little bit goes a long way! Always apply at the ends if styling for the day and sometimes I even mix it in with my conditioner to dilute it. It will help strengthen your hair over time making it look fuller, and since it is technically an oil you will have the shiniest hair in no time.

Hair Mask: Once a week I use coconut oil in my favorite hair mask to restore all my oils and nutrients back in after a long week of all the heat I put it thru. Use: 2 tablespoons of sesame oil and raw coconut oil (you’ll have to melt it down in microwave before).

Mix both in with 1 egg. I normally put it in my hair in the shower since it is a liquid, then tie your hair up and put a shower cap on (helps keep air off the hair and wont drip) and keep on as long as possible. I normally do it on a day I’m not going anywhere and am working from home, that way you can have it on as long as possible get it in full effect. Wash out with shampoo and a little bit of conditioner just for tangles.

I’m not one for the taste of it raw, so if you’re like me, add about a spoon full to your coffee or tea in the morning, smoothies, or fresh juices so that you can get all the health benefits internally that it has to offer as well.
You’re jar of raw coconut oil will now go so far using it in many different ways, and instead of buying multiple beauty products, you now can use just one in so many ways. Enjoy!

Images not mine, source unknown

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