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Winter Wonderland

Having grown up in the wet, cold, climate of Seattle, you would think I’d like it or at least be used to it. Nope, at all.  Once you throw in the snow of the winter months, I really don’t want to go outside; but with the winter snow comes beauty.

Rarely do I ever want anything to do with the snow, unless I can be bribed to do an activity involving Bailey’s in my coffee. Even though I call Washington home, exploring the huge state never gets old. This year I decided to give my favorite summer hikes, as well as some new ones, a try in the winter. I googled “Best Winter Adventures” and the rest is history. Each weekend in January, as well as February, was going to be filled with a new snow covered adventure! (more…)

Cruisin’ Down The Coast


Since moving to California I’ve always wanted to take a road trip down the coast. With our late summer finally coming to an end and the seasons changing with all the wonderful colors and leaves falling, I couldn’t think of a more beautiful time to travel. A day road trip ending in Big Sur sounded like the perfect place for hikes, ocean side views, and quiet beach days.


Grand Canyon


For years I have wanted to take a helicopter ride. On a recent trip to visit a friend in Vegas before she moved, it felt like the perfect opportunity. Taking a tour of the strip at night was on the agenda, until we found a company that took helicopter rides into the Grand Canyon and we were sold on our new adventure. (more…)

Garden of the Gods



Whenever I travel, I always make it a priority to clear my work schedule and find some time for a nature activity. Whether it’s a hike the locals suggest, something I found on google, or a place I’ve been craving to go; I always enjoy getting out and seeing the city from a different view. On a recent trip to Colorado Springs, the Garden of the Gods was the perfect breath of fresh air I needed after a flight. (more…)

Girls Weekend in Napa

IMG_0667Every year, millions of visitors travel to Napa for the famous wineries, restaurants, and beautiful landscape. The Valley itself is 30 miles long, and only a few miles wide, and it is home to a little over 400 wineries. With my sister’s birthday coming up, we decided not to buy presents this year, and decided that a quick girl’s trip to Napa was just the answer! Since we went in the end of summer, the weather was perfect, the vineyards were lush and green, and we never felt crowded or overwhelmed at the places we had visited. (more…)