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Aging in our 20’s



Aging gracefully is the hopeful goal of women everywhere, isn’t it? As we all know wrinkle-free will never be an option, but we would all like to look dang good as the decades go by. As many articles, beauty professionals, and even our own dermatologists have told us, the key to a beautiful complexion is daily care and smart prevention.  For those of us in our twenties, where do we actually start?


I’m in love with the Coco

coconutGrowing up, I was never a big fan of the coconut and I certainly never wanted it in my food. When it became the new “Superfood” years ago after Madonna said it was her secret to “looking young forever,” and coconut water was all the rage, I just could not get on board with it. However, after reading about all of the health benefits and recovery that the coconut offers your body, the more I wanted to find additional ways to use it. I slowly started to incorporate it in smoothies in lieu of ice cubes, or in my morning juices so that I couldn’t taste it. A trip to Trader Joe’s one day changed my life when I saw coconut oil in a jar, and quickly learned that I didn’t have to eat it in its raw form to get all of the amazing benefits. I became such a fan of coconut oil that I have put it to use outside of the kitchen now more than in my food. (more…)