Aging in our 20’s



Aging gracefully is the hopeful goal of women everywhere, isn’t it? As we all know wrinkle-free will never be an option, but we would all like to look dang good as the decades go by. As many articles, beauty professionals, and even our own dermatologists have told us, the key to a beautiful complexion is daily care and smart prevention.  For those of us in our twenties, where do we actually start?

Don’t you get confused about how we should actually be “preventing” things when our skin is in our prime?  How should we weave in anti-aging products into our routine when we all feel like we are still or just finished battling acne? We read articles on what products are good to use, but what should we actually be doing? As my skins nearing the end of its 20’s, I took these and many other questions to my esthetician to see how to revamp the “aging” skin routine.  My esthetician shared the following four easy steps:


Aqua, aqua, aqua! It’s no secret that water is the best anti-aging tool and it does wonders for your skin, but what’s the appropriate intake? Take your current weight and cut it in half, that’s the minimum water intake in ounces your body needs to replenish all our tissues and organs. A couple years ago, I read Gabriel Union say her dermatologist told her to drink at least a gallon of water a day and it transformed her skin, so once I started I’ve never looked back. Once you start, you’ll see an instant skin change and repair.


At your quarter-century mark, you should allow for splurges now and then.  You should also have a primary dermatologist and visit them at least twice a year. Not only are monthly facials essential for detoxing your pores and hydrating your skin, but it’s always a good day when it’s a day at the spa. Your body’s ability to produce new skin cells is at its peak in your twenties so feed it and keep it going with peels, oxygen masks, and laser facials.


You have to stimulate your skin in order for it to repair itself. You’ll want to choose something that is gentle.  You don’t want to rub your skin raw, but you do want to get rid of all that dead skin. Tatcha Rice Powder is my newest addiction and does just the trick, but make sure to only scrub at night so your skin can recover while you sleep.


Sunscreen; the biggest no-brainer and something to start using ASAP and daily. Protecting ones skin from sun damage will always be cheaper then reversing it!  Throw on a 15-30 SPF daily before the your makeup application.  Anything more than that is just marketing. A lot of makeup nowadays says SPF on their labels, but nothing damages your skin faster or worse like the sun.  Always be safe, so throw on the sunscreen before your routine and then you don’t have to worry while you work out.  I know, we all love a great glow on the skin, but news flash; you can still get tan with sunscreen!

If you mix in these four easy steps with your skincare regimen, you should see a change quickly.  We can’t stop the aging process, but we can sure slow it down and isn’t that what we all want?!

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