May 2015 archive

I’m in love with the Coco

coconutGrowing up, I was never a big fan of the coconut and I certainly never wanted it in my food. When it became the new “Superfood” years ago after Madonna said it was her secret to “looking young forever,” and coconut water was all the rage, I just could not get on board with it. However, after reading about all of the health benefits and recovery that the coconut offers your body, the more I wanted to find additional ways to use it. I slowly started to incorporate it in smoothies in lieu of ice cubes, or in my morning juices so that I couldn’t taste it. A trip to Trader Joe’s one day changed my life when I saw coconut oil in a jar, and quickly learned that I didn’t have to eat it in its raw form to get all of the amazing benefits. I became such a fan of coconut oil that I have put it to use outside of the kitchen now more than in my food. (more…)


After a hectic week, my favorite thing to do when my weekend hits is to detox and head to my local farmers market on Sunday and search for all the weeks freshest goodies. I always head for the fresh flower section to fill the apartment for the week, but the main reason I head to it is always for the bulks of fresh fruit for the week’s smoothies. (more…)

Burn Baby, Burn

I always prefer an outdoor workout opposed to any inside a gym and with the California sunshine, it makes it so easy and convenient to get out at least 4-5 times a week, if not every day. I love doing any activity outside but my all-time favorite workout is at the…. (drum roll, please)… FOOTBALL STADIUM. That’s right, the “stairs” have become a part of my weekly fitness routine, and I love the versatility they have to offer! You don’t have to just run or walk up and down the stairs, but you can incorporate your favorite gym exercises with some modifications to them. No matter what particular exercise you choose, you’re targeting a wide variety of muscles on your lower body, as well as doing cardio, muscle toning, and core-strength… all while sweating in the heat! (more…)